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"AC21 provides job flexibility in those cases where the I-485 remains pending for 180 days or more. This ultimately may be a benefit, allowing applicants to accept promotions with the sponsoring employer, or to move to a new position or new employer, meeting the AC21 "same or similar job classification" requirements."

Question:So, Can we leave our employer(485 filed employer) and join a new employer for better career prospectives? I want to join the direct vendor leaving this consulting business(which is the prime business of my employer). What will be the status of our 485 approval & if any RFE, if the date becoems current sometime next year when you are not with your 485-filed employer? Doesn't the 485 filing becomes void because it is a 485 filing based on job offer?

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First, if you are asking about AC21 it's not even clear if you are eligible. Second, of course, you can change employers. And you can do it at any time provided you have work authorization. What happens to your green card case is a different matter. Also, if you thought that staying with your crappy employer is the only way to get a green card, you were wrong.

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