EB2 Qualification, total 6.5 years of Exp


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Hi Group,

I am a Bachelor in Computer Science, I had 4.5 years of Experience when I joined my current employer. Now I have 6.5 years of experience. I am working with same employer but different project and client. My employer is filing my PERM in EB2 category. He says that he gave me different title/designation after completing 5 years of exp so it wont have any issue.

Can any one help me. I don't wanna stick to this employer if I am not eligible to EB2 category under this company.



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Your employer is right technically. But, if you try to use the experience gained from the same employer your application will be scrutinized more even though your designation and roles are different. With current unemployment scenario, applications as such will receive more attention. And, one more thing, if you have any title change since your last H1 approval it's better get it amended on H1 before filing PERM.

The PERM job should be of EB2 and you have to qualify for that job. The PERM job's requirement will have a say rather than your own qualification(s).

Good luck!!

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