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Recently i started my green card processing. Filed my labor on Dec 20th 2011...

here is my issues and questions, anyone please advice..

1. My Labor got filed with typo error on my name.., one word is missing on my first there any way to correct it? also will it impact any of my future processing of 140/485 and EAD?

2. currently i am on H1B, i think we can extend beyond 6 years if we file PERM before 365 days but since my name got type error will there be any problem?

3. Also, my labor is still showing in progress how long its going to take for the approval... it is almost 3 months now..

thank you............

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1 - Talk to your attorney at the earliest

2 - even if you start process within the last 365 days, you can still extend if you get your 140 approved before your visa expires

3 - It takes longer these days and even many of the november filing results only came back earlier in this month. Sit back and relax while the USCIS does their thing. Though costly, do premium processing of 140 if you are under 365 days in the sixth year.

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