Not approving overtime and harrasment in workplace


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Dear readers,

I need your suggestion on the situation below:

One of my friend recently joined in x client place(American). through some indian based company as contractor to them. The project is controlled by Indian based company (like ***/*****/**** etc..).

From the beginning the project is on very tight deadlines from the day one she joind there.(they already wasted 1 year time on the poject by working with offshore resources).

Even though they are not paying extra hrs. they are asking to work beyond 8 hrs a day(say 11 hrs ). and recently they asked to come to office on week end to work. when she asked for over time payment for that, they literally said " we will not pay you. you have to come for the work. if not will take hard decision on you" thretened like that. She was actually not keeping well and also undergoing medication prescribed by doctor. The same notified by email to her project manager on saturday that she can;t work on week end.

He care a dam abt. it and replied asking to complete the work by evening(which can't be completed in month time too). May be by keeping in that mind he indirectly started saying with other collegues in team that she is waste and not doing anything. Actually no body is guiding properly to go forrward on the work she is handling with lot of dependencies involved. (mean tech lead...manager who should direct / help developers).

She was totally upset by their behaviour and her confidence levels collapsed. Already she was not keeping well.

In this situation, can she proceed on them legally for not paying overtime and addition to that literally harrasing/ threatening verbally and demoralizing which causing her health damage mentally/physicaly . As she is a contractor anyway they can fire anytime and she also can leave that job at wlll(as per CA law). before leaving can she teach a lesson to them ?? as many know how the exploitation by indian companies will be.

Thanks for reading this post patiently.

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