one year outside USA - L1A to H1A change


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I will be completing one year outside USA in May. I have been in USA on L1B for 3 yrs and L1A for 2.8 months. My L1A expires in Aug 12. I travelled first on L1B and then did a new visa for L1A.

I had these following doubts: I dont know which one is true.

1. I was wondering if I can enter USA on my existing L1A visa, do a change of status to H1B. Will that H1B have a clean slate. ie full 6 yrs?

2. If I enter USA on my existing L1A visa, and do a fresh H1B .. (ie go to consulate and all). Will my H1B have a full 6 yrs validity?

3. Should I enter USA with a new visa (L1 or H1) to avail me clean slate? And this new petition should be applied after May.


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