Multiple Entry Visa to Canada Vs Single Entry Visa


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in my view take a multiple entry visa to be on safe side.. here is how it helps.. lets say you are in canada and if u got a 221 g by chance.. u never know how long it takes ..some case it might be done in 2 weeks but in some cases 2 months may be more.. so you cant wait spending all the money or lets says u have a situation wwhere u need to go to India.. then you can go the embassy in Canada where u applied for stamping .. ask them for u passport and go to India and wait there until u get a response from embassy saying that ur 221 g is cleared and drop ur passport for the stamping.. once u get that u can fly back from India to canada since u have a multiple canada visa ... and get Ur passport stamped ... but if u don't have multiple visa then either u have to stay in canada until the process is done.. or go to India and wait and then apply for single visa again to canada to get stamped or u have to with draw ur petition in canada embassy and go for stamping in India.. better to have a multiple entry visa ....than a single entry which is only a diff of 75$

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