H1B Revocked- Working From india


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I am working with my employer XXX and client XXX from past three years. Last year April my stamping was rejected and my application was sent for possible revocation. In OCtober 2011, I got an confirmation email from USCIS letting me know that my h1b has been reapproved and sent for visa processing. My client was kind enough to grant WFH. So I am WFH from April,2011 from India. Recently my employer got a letter from USCIS titled "Intent of revocation" and was noted by my employer that my h1b has been revoked and they are not going to appeal. As a result of this my employer transfred me to there other branch in India and said they would run my payroll in India from April,2012 and also I would be shown as a offshore head count & offsite resource. I still have my project with my client XXX and now I will be paid in INR instead of running my payroll in USA. My client XXX and Vendor XXX are aware that I am working from India. Is this leagl? By law, am I allowed to do this? or should I ask my employer to do a new paper work witht he vendor letting him know the situation. Please advice!!!

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Sounds like a typical onsite-offshore model work. if you are getting paid in INR for the work you are doing from India, I dont see anything illegal in it. Majority of the Indian services companies operate in that fashion. You should hire an immigration attorney and get the situation reviewed to see what can be done to appeal the revocation.

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