URGENT: I-140 delayed under 6th year H1-do I need to leave country?

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Hi friends,

My PERM (EB2) was applied on 10th May 2011 and got approved on 23rd Jan 2012 (after audit). My I-140 was applied under PP on 15th Feb 2012. No response on I-140 yet although it has been way past 15 days.

My H1 is maxing out on 30th Apr 2012 (after recapture of vacation days). My questions are:

a. Do I have to leave country on 30th Apr 2012 or can the H1 be extended based on the approved PERM?

b. What to do about the delayed I-140 (under PP) - what are my options?

I have a family with small kid - any help/suggestion will be greatly appreciated.

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