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After 12 yrs, F1, OPT, marriage, kids, multiple H1s, RFE's, multiple moves, multiple sacrifices the cards arrived...Thanks to the Murthy forum and advises from folks here..especially Belle, JoeF, Ponteviccho..

Best Regards.

Congratulations. How true for so many of us? Enjoy the feeling. For me i got my GC in Oct 2011 after 13 years in US. It is a good feeling definitey. Congrats one again!

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Missed the July/Aug 07 boat. :-

PD - Sep 07 EB2

RD - 4 Nov 11 NSC

EAD- Dec 29'11

Card for Primary:10 Feb 12

BC RFE for derivative: 13 Feb 12

RFE response : Feb 29 12

Card for derivative : 14 Mar 12

Again..pls be advised that the uscis processing dates are not consistent for all...every case is different .

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