Help needed with question related to previous employer.


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Here's the scenario

Came to US in Apr 2005 with Employer A... In 2005 he didnt pay me for 4 months. After that he always paid on time till this year. I also have a approved 140 petition from him.

Now i transferred my H1 to a big forture 500 firm in Feb 2012 and no longer work with Employer A.

In 2005 i had no idea about complaint and stuff. It's already more than 7 years and i know time limit is gone.

I have paystubs , w2s for all years. Just that 2005 is bothering me. I do have the w2 for 2005 for 3 months.

I will be going for visa stamping in Chennai in may this year. Since i no longer work form him do you see any problems ?

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