CANCER PATIENT--Employer not issuing employment letter to file I485

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Hi All,

I am a cancer patient. Before my surgery I was employed by a hospital on a condition that they will file my Green card. They filed my GC in EB2 catagory my labor was approved and I140 was approved on Jan 04 2010. Later I was diagnosed with cancer and after my surgery they put me on part time (now working part time for a year). Recently my Priority date became current and I started putting together the documents to file I485 only to discover that I485 require a FULL TIME APOINTMENT EMPLOYMENT LETTER.

=> Now my employer is giving me hard time and not giving any straight answer regarding my employment letter. I am running around between the HR and my department secratory only to find no specific answer.

I want this GC for my wife. Please help me what can I do to pursue this matter.

=> Can I self-file I485 through my personal attorney or should I pack my bags and leave.

Gratefully yours

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