Is H1B visa cancellation possible


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I had an offer from company ABC, who filed a petition for me, and got my H1B visa stamped. However they never asked me to join. I have a valid H1B visa but it bears the name of the company.

Meanwhile the company XYZ where I am working currently, offered me a job in US which I accepted.

Now company ABC revoked the H1B petition, and informed me that my visa is cancelled. Is it really cancelled? If company XYZ files another H1B petition, can I not use the same visa to get into the US and work for company XYZ.

Also do I have to wait till 1st October in any case?

I also hold a B1 visa done by company XYZ, and have already visited the US once.



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Ife you have been counted for the H1 quota in the last 6 years, you are not counted again, so a new H1 can start at any time.

And, if you have an H1 visa with valid dates in your passport, you can use that visa together with the new approval notice to enter.

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