H1B transfer and new GC strategy?


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I am in the US since 2001, so this will be my 11th year extension. My H1B will expire Nov-2012.I got my 3 year extension in 2009 based on my approved I-140. My GC has been filed in EB3 with PD of Aug-2008.

My client is requesting me to join them. They are willing to do an H1 transfer but not willing to pay for the GC process (which I am willing to bear the cost).

Question 1: If I apply for a H1 transfer now (Apr-2012), Will I get H1 extension past Nov, now that I do not have a approved I-140? (By the time my new comapny does advertisement, labour filing etc, it will be close to/past Nov).

Question 2: At what point can I port my old I-140? (PS: Not filed for 485)

Thanks in advance.

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