The trend of H1B extension


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This is my second H1B. I got my 2nd one last year in Sep 2011 valid till sep 2014.

I switched the company in Oct 2011 to another company and filed for H1 Transfer. This new consulting company is a direct vendor But unfortunately I got RFE in Jan 2012. Answered the RFE but they gave me the h1 validity for just one year, although i my i have 3 years for 2nd h1b.

My question is why USCIS likes troubling people necessarily even though we supplied them all the necessary documents and my company is direct vendor my the client. In short I have clean case and this looks like a trend from the past year.

Though we can't question USCIS people about their unreasonable things.

Why are they so unpredictable.

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There are many reasons for it.

One of the possibility might be due to the Client letter.If the Client letter states,they can keep you on their project for a year, then you might receive H1B validity for 1 year is important for an immigration attorney to look at the letter and word the letter appropriately.

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