Need to go to India urgently and client ending the contract. Can I come back to US again after few days? Pleasee help!! urgent!!


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My mother-in-law had heart attack and I need to go to India urgently and when I informed this to client they are ready to terminate my contract as they are not sure if I will return back. My previous H1B visa stamp got expired, but my current H1B I-797 is valid till Feb 2013. I MUST go to India and my question is will I be able to come back to USA again on H1B? Please helpppppppppp!! veryy urgent!!

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if you come here then definately you need the stamping, although your I797 is approved till 2013. Client letter is one of the most important doc if you are working for a client, please plan out for every thing before you leave becuase things are very unpredictable in India,

You can conveince your client that this is the situation and they can keep the contract in effect till you get your visa stamp, if something goes wrong with the stamping then they can terminate it, by this way still you have chance.

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