I-140 approved, 485 current, but the company didn't allow to submit 485


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my husband's I140 has been approved.

His PD is current according to VB. However, his employer didn't allow him to submit I-485 because his current salary is lower than PW stated before.

Can we still go ahead to submit I-485 with outside attorney? If we can not get EVL, can we use some standard EVL with only basic informatin like title, salary along with paycheck stub? What will be the chance get denied? If get denied, will the company know and turn around revoke our I-140?

Also, if we want to change job, with PD current and approved I-140, can we get 1 one extention or 3 year extention. His 6 year limit will be reached October 2013. With PD current, can he only renew H1b 1 year every time until the new employer filed the new I-140 and get approved?

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