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This is my case. I was on H4 and applied H1 last year.

Filing Date : Nov 18th 2011

Receipt Date : Nov 21st 2011

Filing Type : Regular H1B

Filed At : Vermont Service Center

Approved on 03/08/2012.

  1. I wonder what the start date would be on new I-797 (I-94)? Any ideas.
  2. And also, I need to apply for SSN on that start date on I-94. Is this correct?
  3. Can I start working on the same date or should I wait till I get SSN? I guess SSN is required to run the payroll.
  4. Also, my employer is in a different state (NY) and I live in a different state (TX). Can I apply for SSN in the state I am living in?

Please let me know something.

Thank you

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