Issue with "Follow to Join" and Date retrogression


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Hello friends,

I need your advice in my matter. Here is my information.

Have valid H1b till March-2013

GC in EB2 category

Priority date: Nov-2009

Got Receipt of I-485, AP and EAD on Feb-20-2012

Gave finger print On Feb-29-2012

Now I am waiting for AP approval and physical card. I am going for my marriage after getting AP. my wife will be come on H4 visa. If any how my wife not able to get H4 visa then I will apply “Follow to Join” for her so she will be come in 1 year, but the only constrain is that date should be current during the “Follow to Join” Process.

Right now the date is May-2010 for EB2 category.

I have following questions to ask you.

  • What is the chance of date retrogression of EB2 category in future?

I am concern about this question because if my wife not able to get H4 visa then I have only one option to bring her in US via “Follow to join”. If the date will be retrogression then I will be not able to apply her to “Follow to Join”, It will create a problem in our family regarding bring her to US. Better I will not marry to any Indian girl. Try to find girl in US.

Please reply me with your suggest so I can plan my marriage accordingly.

Thank you

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I see two huge concenrs:

1. So, you are going to marry someone while either not being in love with that person and knowing for sure this is the person being the right person to live with for the rest of your life (and we are not talking about a generic "girl from India" here - we are talking about that particular human being)... or maybe despite you being sure about the person, you are having objections about that particular person physical location. Both are major red flags.

2. Your I-485 is pending, and you are concerned about retrogression? Really? Try getting an approval before your marriage. I mean, seriously...

So, basically, you are going at full speed toward the the cliff, your steering is broken and breaks don't work, but you sure care about those headlights not being on... "This can only end in tears" ©

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