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Successful stamping at Ottawa!! on March 5th

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Successful stamping at Ottawa!! on March 5th

1. After the security check they asked me give my passport, DS160 and 1797A form.

2. Then you will be asked to get your token number where he will ask you All letters from Employer

Vendor and Cleint (Client letter is must in Ottawa).

3. You will be issued a Token number.

3. Your finger prints will be taken.

4. You will be called for the interview.

My Visa Officer was a cool guy, though he asked me number of question it was a pleasant interview.

VO: How are you doing?

Me: Great! How are you.

VO: Where are you working?

Me: I am working at Client location thru my Employer.

VO: Do you have a ny vendor in between, if so letter please?

Me: Yes, gave my vendor letter, which I did not give at the token counter, as he asked me only Employer

and client letters.

VO: What is your client, I mean what does it do?

Me: Explained about my client , what is it actually.

VO: What is your role?

Me: briefly decribed my job duties and resposibilities.

VO: Are you on system Admin side?

Me: No, I am a Programmer Analyst.

VO: What is your Emplopyer COmpany?

Me: Explained about it.

VO: Location of yoour client place?

Me: Told him the exact location of my client place.

Vo: Whom do you report to?

Me: My employer

VO: How many employees are there in your company?

Me: XX

VO: Where did you work previously?

Me: XX my previous employer's company name and place.

VO: Why did you change your company?

Me: Present Employer has predominant clients, growth oppurtunities

and as my Pay rate is also high here.

VO: Show me LCA, I129..and all docs related to Employer?

Me: Gave him all the supporting letters, LCA, I129

VO: Your Visa is approved and you can collect your passport in 2-3 business days.

Me: Thank you and have a gud day!

Basically take all the documents with you especially your client letter and be very confident with smiling face.

You will crack it. All the very Best!!

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Congrats to start with. :)

It is good to hear that candidates are given a decent opportunity to talk in Canada.

Thanks for posting all the questions.

Can you drop in a format of the vendor letter. My email id is ram(dot)p a l l a po t h u@gmail(dot)com

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