Notice Of Suspension, Returned to USCIS for Reconsideration(Ottawa)


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I had my Interview on 27th Fed 2012. They gave me 221G saying Further Review.

Ottawa Consulate emailed to my client manager asking some questions regarding EMployer-Employee questions( which are generic for everyone.) My Client Manager replied them back( I don't know how he answered though).

After a week i got email from Ottawa Consulate asking me to come back to consulate. At that time they gave me a letter saying

Notice Of Suspension, 221G, Returned to USCIS for Reconsideration.

The reason they said is Inaccurate Information. They also said they can't reveal what is that information.

If anyone has anykind of idea what this is please help me.

Any kind of help is really appreciated.


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My case is same as yours ...

Interview Nov 22 2011 @ ottawa, EVC

Case sent back to USCIS after client verification. (same reason as urs)

On Mar 02 2012, received reaffirmation email from USCIS

You'll need to wait min of 2 months .. for some news.

Akgoje- What was the reaffirmation about? I am assumign it was some good news. Did you client screw up while responding to the VO- or something else?

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Thanks guys for your replies. I came to know the reason why i got Notice of Suspension. It's because of the reply my client manager gave to Consualte. Most answers are not in favour to me. Is there anything i can do or should i just wait?

Hi Krisc,

Do you mind to share, what kind of questions the consulate asked your client ?



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