EAD for Wife working with different Employer


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My wife works for a different employer on H1 , my priority date is current and planning to apply for EAD ,

1. can i add my wife in my application or my wife need to transfer her H1 to my employer??do i need to do it through my employer ??

2. can i file my application through my employer and add my wife going to an attorney ?? or my employer need to process both the applications??

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Why would your wife need to transfer H1 to your employer? I was on H1b and my spouse was using his EAD (we got the EAD through his application in the 2007 fiasco, his PD is EB3 May 2003). I never used the EAD as I had my own H1B. My PD was in EB2 May 2007. When it became current I filed the i485 in Sept 2011 through my employer and just added my husband as the dependent. We got the GC in Jan 2012. Your company lawyer should add your wife to your application.

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