Calgary H1 Stamping Administrative Processing


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I received the email too. It took 57 days total from the day of the interview. The email came around 3:30 PM local time. It had instructions about submitting passport and how I would get back the passport through Loomis.

Two things of note:

1. The email did NOT say the visa was approved, it just said that passport was needed. So don't freak out, generally if they ask for the passport it means visa approved.

2. The email is long and in case you want to TL;DR it, at the end it asks you to reply to the message and let them know whether you will be mailing your passport in or will be dropping it off in person. Not sure what happens if you don't reply and send it in mail (whether that results in delay or not), I replied and went to drop the passport myself the next day.

Good luck to all who are still stuck.

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