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I applied for H1b visa in 2008. My petition was approved by USCIS. When I went for my visa interview at Mumbai consulate in 2009, they asked me for some extra supporting document. My potential employer was not able to provide them and he withdrew my application/petition. Now I am on H4 visa in USA, I want to know if I can reuse my 2008 H1b’s quota or I have to wait for 2012 H1b’s quota to open and apply for a fresh H1b visa. In case if I can reuse my 2008 quota, how can I reuse it?

Also will it make my case strong if I join my earlier employer (who has filled my petition in 2008).
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Generally, if an individual has been previously counted against the H1B cap without exhausting the full six years that individual may utilize the remaining time with a new H1B petition that is not cap-subject. The strength of a petition is determined on a case-by-case basis, if you have questions regarding such it is best to speak directly with a qualified U.S. immigration attorney. The Murthy Law Firm has a very well-regarded H1B Department with extensive experience who would be able to provide you with excellent assistance. Please feel free to call our office to schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys.

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