Please comment on my 485 filing

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What's your attorney's opinion? I think you may need to re-file (withdraw this application and re-apply. Must be before probable retrogression).

There are couple of points here.

- First, I-485 wasn't filed while you are physically in US. As per your posting, service center might received the packet on Jan 31 (Check your receipt "Received Date"). But in most cases, it can be a later date. So, you are physically not present at the time of receiving your application.

- Second, you can travel before approving AP on another visa if you carry I-485 receipt notice. That's also not happened either.

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You must be physically present in the US when your I-485 application is filed. That includes both, day of shipping and day of delivery of package. One exception is, for friday shipping, travel is possible only on tuesday. And then, you can travel overseas, if you have valid H-1 status, visa stamp, and plan to resume your (same) job upon return.

Requesting the experts to confirm or correct the above, as needed.

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