OPT to H1.Can H1 under processing be transferred to another company when on OPT ?


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Really Urgent..

I am on OPT which will end in 2nd week of May. My H1 has been filed on Sept 14th 2011 by employer A on Project A. It is still under processing(also an RFE which should be replied before April 30th). I got an offer with employer B(big employer) on project B. I moved to employer B as I am on OPT. Employer A did not cancel my H1 petition. Can I transfer my H1 to employer B as my H1 has never been approved or will I have to wait for 2012 quota to begin on April 1st and file a new H1 ?

If possible I want to transfer my H1 rather than applying new H1 on April 1st for personal reasons. Any useful inputs will really be appreciated.

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