Re-enter USA, seeking best possible way


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I was in USA on my F1 visa for 4 years from 2006 to 2010 & graduated with MS degree, After about 6 months of my H1 approval, ie., obtaining the I129, I moved to my home country for family reasons & got married, thus never have a H1 stamping on my passport.

Now I would like to re-enter USA along with my wife.

Please suggest best possible way to do so:

1. Should we both apply for F1 visa after we get an I20 for higher education (On entering USA as we find an employer who is ready to file H1. Is it possible to transfer F1 to H1 without completing the degree) ?

2. My present I129 is still valid, can I appear directly to consulate to stamp the H1 visa, enter USA & find an employer for fresh H1 transfer & later get documents for H2 dependent visa for my wife?

3. Any better option ?

Please guide !

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