H1B - Intent to revoke after Site visit


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Hello everyone,

Need help urgently..

I applied for my H1 extension in May-2011 and got approval and my h1 valid till Oct-2014.

While applying for my H1 extension my client manager gave me a client letter, but in that client letter it has client admin building address which is 4 blocks from my current work location address.. Even I didn't observe that, my company filed my LCA with that address.

But later in Sep-2011 USCIS conducted a site visit and went to that admin building with my H1 petition and asked for my details and they are not able to reach me b'coz I am working in a separate building. But although I am working for the same client but I am working in a separate building(which is four blocks away) from that building.

Last week my company got intent to revoke my H1 letter and i have given Mar 14 2012 as deadline to submit my response..

Could someone please help how do you want me proceed in my reply to USCIS.

Luckily still I am working with same client and my client gave me another client letter with my current work location address and also my h1 company applied for LCA with my current work address.

If I submit all these supporting documents is that enough? Is there any chance of revoking my h1 because although i am working for same client but I-129 and LCA has a different address than my current work location??

Appreciate your response on this, please share your thoughts on this..


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