485 Filed in Dec,2011 & H1B validity till October


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Greetings everyone,

Here is my situation,filed EAD,AP,485 in Dec,2011 for my wife and myself-- all 3 are in Initial Review, priority date is March 2008 for EB2 category.

My current h1b is valid till the middle of October 2012, I think I am eligible for filing an h1b extension in the middle of April (6 months prior to expiry).Given the fact that it seems my GC file has not yet been 'touched' and the possibility of priority dates retrogressing, I want to know what my options are in April 2012.

I have a few questions,would appreciate any insights you could provide.

1.If by April, my 485,AP and EAD are still pending decision,can I file for an h1b extension?

2.If by April, I have AP and EAD, can I file an h1b extension?

3.If I I have EAD and AP approved but not 485 approval prior to Oct 2012,I believe I can continue working for my current employer beyond the h1b expiry date without filing an h1b extension, what is the process for utilizing an approved EAD and AP?

Hoping to have all 3 approvals in March or April, but want to know all options available to me.

Thank you for your insights and advice.

Enjoy the weekend!

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