H1B Interview in Hyderabad – Insane!! Please Help!!


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Hello One and All,

I would like to take a bit to explain the in-human behavior by the interviewers for my wife’s H1B interview in Hyderabad US consulate. My wife went to H1B interview in Hyderabad in the Feb 1st week. But the way they treated with my wife was really insane. I would like to describe some of the questions they asked my wife!

  1. The first question they asked was, How much you paid for the Employer to make this fake offer
  2. What is the percentage you will be getting 80-20% etc?
  3. Is your Employer your husband? [How come one can utter that word to a married woman and relating to another person as a husband?? – This is not acceptable]
  4. They think the H1B company is fake and there is no company exists [The fact is how-come there won’t be any company exists and H1B petition was approved? The company is a very new company with 30 odd people]
  5. They think all the documents are fake [How will my wife know about the company documents??]
  6. During this torture, my wanted to use the restroom but One of the lady interviewers said she don’t trust my wife…. Isn’t this insane? My wife is not a terrorist, and they cannot treat my wife like that and what is there not to believe!!!
  7. They canceled my wife’s H4 visa, and they said, if she don’t co-operate with them, they will make my wife not meet with me anymore in life, and she will have to divorce me??? Isn’t it in-human? What right they got to talk about our personal things about divorce, etc.?
  8. My wife was already down with all these tortures, and they were saying with every sentence that she will be jailed if she don’t co-operate with them…? Going for h1b interview will land her into jail… what a shame!!!
  9. They snatched her original passport, all the original certificates (Education, etc). We have been following up with the VFS regarding the documents from the past 4weeks but no response from the consulate.

Currently, my wife and my 8months old baby (she has born here in USA) stuck in India, and we have sent the request for withdrawal of H1B petition because my wife is very sensitive and she is currently down and she believes she don’t have the enough strength to face them again as they’re calling her for another interview. She would like to take time to get adjust with this horror situation. I’m already away from last 4months from my wife and my 8-momths old baby. I need all your help, suggestions and advise to come out from this situation. I would like to apply for H4 again and bring them here but wanted to find out what are the chances for her to get the H4?? And what she should be telling if they ask why she has withdrawn the H1B? Honestly, after all this happened my wife has no confidence to face them again!! Please Help!!!

What I should be doing for this in-human behavior by the interviews? Guys, this could happen to anyone. I hope NOT but if we don’t teach them anything, they will behave the same with other people!!

Please Help!!

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This is really shocking. Send a letter to congress men or senator here and ask for explanation. Might not get any response but atleast you reported the incident to some one. Get an attorney.

really sorry for this.As of me I always had a good experience talking to these VO's but they had no business talking to your wilfe like this even a event if your company was fake. Their right is to reject/Accept the visa on the suspision of fraud and nothing more.

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I cant believe this happened. Too insane.

Does any know if these interviews are recorded? If it was reported to congress men or an immigration attorney wants this to be investigated, do you think the Visa officer could be held for his behavior?

True, if this happened to your wife....this can happen to anyone.

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This is just not acceptable, but what I think is nothing much can be done here at this point. As others suggested, please talk to an immigration lawyer as you must be more worried about her coming back. Check with them if she would get through atleast with H4 and hope the consulate guys havnt updated anything negative about all this, if they do so she might have a problem in getting a H4 too.

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Thanks for all the responses. Currently, I'm applying for H4 in couple of weeks time. I hope she gets the H4 Visa. Truly, Me and my wife are going through lot of depression !! I have approached lot of attorneys (India and USA). I also reached out to top attorney at Murthy. Everybody suggesting me to go ahead apply for H4 and if anything wrong happens then we can take it from there. But at this point we just need to apply for H4. We are crossing our fingers and hoping for the H4 approval. I will let you know how it goes after the Interview.

God Bless US!!

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I find it hard to believe that consular officers talk that way. You should definitely report it. Sometimes, as immigrants, we are scared and/or unaware, of the nuances between rights and privileges. But noone has the right to talk to a visa applicant in this manner.

However, if the Murthy firm has advised you to file for her H4, I guess that is the way to go. BUt you should definitely consider applying for her H1. She should not lose out on a job opportunity just because of some inhuman visa officer.

Wish you all the best

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I find this really hard to believe. "They canceled my wife’s H4 visa, and they said, if she don’t co-operate with them, they will make my wife not meet with me anymore in life, and she will have to divorce me???" This is a red flag. I do not see this happening in US Consulates. I think the OP is trying to get some sympathy.

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There may have been complaints about the company for illegal practices that could have triggered this. You did not provide any answers that your wife gave.

Did she (or you on her behalf) pay the H1 petition filing fees?

Will she be getting paid on percentage terms?

Are you in any way related to the company? (Partner, owner, board, CEO, employee?)

In the end, did she agree to any misrepresentation on her or the company's part? Did she sign anything?

She should consult with a good attorney. Murthy firm has immigration service offices in India. They may be able to help.

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After reading this initial post, I am sure that Visa officers have these questions with proper evidence, However they dont really talk in an insulting or hurt manner. They are totally aware of what they ask. There are several factors to consider:

1. Either the company who sponsored the H1 is fake/black listed/fraud

2. Documents produced were fake(could be) May be you are unaware of what company has projected, most people wont read the documents of what their company has given to the employee. they blindly dump on the consulate.

3.I wont blame your wife attending the interview. There is a clear malpractice done by the employer and the records indicating under consular database.

Good Luck

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Hi Folks.... Its not that I cannot reply... Its that "What should I reply" ?? One who going through will feel the pain. Finally after following up lot of times with the consulate and also producing the Dr's letter as I'm down with severe depression and experiencing insomnia. consulate returned the documents last week so my is attending the H4 interview next week. I will try come here and post the update after the interview.

Praying God....

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