Visa stamping - chennai - 221 green with simultanious doc submission


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Hello All,

Today i have attended h1b interview at chennai consultate - 01/03/2012

He asked normal questions like, where u r going? wts ur highest degree? who is ur employer? salary? etc

finally he showed white pomplet saying have u seen this? i said i have got 1 as i had taken 1 from immeg check in..

later he gave me green 221g form asking to submit docs like wage report/tax of employer, agreement copy, offer letter etc.. i had all the documents with me.. so i asked him i have all the docs with me now can i submit here? he said yes..

so i hv given all the doc with passport.. he asked me do u want to hold the passport? i said yes..

i came with questions in mind.. :( any 1 having similar exp? wt would b the decision???

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