transfer H1B to client in 6 th year


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I am on H1B 6 th year visa ending oct'2012. My employer is applied labour(PERM) in dec'2011- EB3 process. Hopefully my labor will get approved in couple of weeks. (I have 3 years degree and more than 5 yrs of experience, but employer said to me that he will do porting from EB3 to EB2 later).

I have been working with client (Employer to Client relationship )from last 3 years. Now my project is ending in a month due to budget issue. Because contractors are highly paid. But client offered me full time.

I am interested in fulltime. Now my question is If I transfer my H1b to client. will I get extension after 6 th year?

Do I need to start my GC with client again from scratch? I have 8 months time to end my 6 the year visa. Not sure how to proceed.

Thank you.

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