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I am on H1 woth I-140 approved adn waiting for dates to be current. Once they become current, I will be applying EAD,485 for myslef and my wife.

As of now my wife is on H4 but her H1 is under processing. I have few questions over here.

  1. Lets say her H1 gets approved in a month, and once I apply 485, EAD and if EAD gets approved, what would be our status? We want to be converted to EAD and not to be on H1. Do we need to do something or is this automatic like once EAD gets approved, H1 gets revoked..?
  2. Once our EAD gets approved, can I stay on EAD and my wife on her H1?
  3. If both of us take EAD, what would be her relation with her employer who applied H1 for her?

Please let me know if I need to take care of something.

Thank you..!!

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