Port of Entry (I94 only for 2 months)


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Hi All, here is my situation. While i was returning from India after successfully getting my H1B extension stamping done. But at the port of entry in NY my I-94 was stamped with the expiry date of my Indian passport as it is getting expired within 2months rather than the H1B expiry date.

I have already applied for my passport to get extension. What do i do next. What is the easiest way to get a new I-94 without going out of country? or do i have to go out of country again? Appreciate your help!



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Since CBP did not perform any mistake at POE, they will not correct it unless you are lucky few people on this forum.

from what i know there are only two options

Option 1: going out of country (you can use the AVR process by going to mexico/canada) and receive new I94 with your newer passport. Please research this forum for the steps taken to reach and at mexico consulate.

Option 2: File new H1B Petition once you receive new passport

Consult your company's HR and Attorney on above options and decide which one will be best for you.

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