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Hi All - I am planning to go to Vancouver for my VISA H1B stamping (some time in June), Can you please give me suggestions on if there is a possibility of attending VISA interview with 2 layers between my employer and End Client. I have no problem with Client (i get the client letter with the best possible way written and client is very supportive). But my problem is i have two layers in between.

I tried to get the other vendor out and work directly with Prime vendor (but no luck). Please suggest me on how do i proceed.

Q1) I can make my client write up on my client letter that they are directly working with my employer. (is that a good option, but for further processing i would not be able to provide my PO if embassy wants it)

Q2) Client --> prime vendor --> employer ( i should be able to manage to provide the letters in this pattern, but when it comes to PO between Prime vendor and employer again there is a problem)?

Note: I haven't visited India in last 5 years, so i think i have high possibility of getting a 221G. Please respond on how to keep up with this.

I can get rid of my vendor if i can show my other vendor, some proof that EVVC would not work. They agreed upon that.

Thanks in advance for any valuable suggestions.

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You can attend the visa interview with any working model or even if you dont have a job there is no such restrictions, but the question is weather you will get the visa stamp over a EVVC model.

Hiding or making up any facts may result in serious issue, if by any chance consulate seeks more evidence. they might ask you the copy of contract between the layers mentioning all the terms and condition.

I would suggest just for sake of visa do not hide or illuse any fact because if you gone through then its well n good but if stuck then you may bear the negetive consequese.

Please either switch to a full time employment or atleast to an EC model (with strong EER), otherwise you are carrying a huge risk (Specially if you are planning for visa stamping in India.)

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