Anyone planning to go to Merida - Mexico soon?


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Im planning to in the 24th weekend of march, what dates are you planning to go?

i mentioned my contact in my previous post, contact me on my email.

Hi vcpaturi, I booked my appointment in Merida, Mexico on March 26th & March 27th. Please let me know are you planning on the same dates?

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I have returned from my trip to merida.

Everything is ok, I won't say that it is like breeze or no issues at all. But definitely they are not asking more details like other consulates.

If you really have something about your employer in their records or something is not sticking at all. Then they may delay or go through other details.

In general, they ask very few questions, be prepared to show your recent tax forms, w2 and 1 year pay stubs. not more documentation is required in general.

the DS160 form should be specifically filled for merida consulate, they didnt accept my form since I submitted for Vancover.

I have to go to internet, fill in new ds160 and go back to ASC.

good luck.

if you need more details , feel free to contact or post.

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