I-140 pending.. I-485 applied.. EAD and AP approved


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My I-140 has been pending for 4 years. Finally a RFE was issued was last year asking for two questions:

Ability to Pay

Why i am working in California when the position is in Chicago?

My employer to the RFE with the following info:

Since my company is $350 Mil publicly traded company and has more than 500 employees they provided financial statements to show that they have ability to pay.

Since the position is for future employment. and once i get GC i will be working in Chicago.

After we sent the RFE it has been almost 8 months now and since my dates became current i applied for I-485 three months back and got my EAD and AP. People who have applied for I-485 with me have all received GCs.

Since my I-140 is not approved my I-485 is pending.

Can you please advise how to proceed? USCIS is not ready to do PP.

Any help is much appreciated.

Thank you

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