Passport Returned. No 221g. VO sent case back to USCIS.


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Attended first time H1 stamping in Hyderabad in first week of January. EV model employment.

At the time of interview, VO made notes based on client letter and my response to his questions. He mentioned job description provided at the time of H1b petition was vague and he would send the updated description to USCIS for review.

Its been more than 3 weeks since interview and there are no updates since then. I know that there are no definitive answers around. I just wanted to know if anybody else has gone through the same procedure and what should be my expectation in terms of time lines and outcomes.


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As the VO has sent back your petition to the USCIS. It can take anywhere between 6-18 months for you to hear back from them. Under normal circumstances USCIS would send your employer an RFE/NOID based on the VO's remarks, if your employer responds and if USCIS re-affirms you will have to reappear for your stamping.

Normally sent back cases exhaust the validity of the petition before they get cleared. You can try for a new H1 while you wait for the outcome of this one. Best of luck.

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