DUI: Second time H1-B visa stamping


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I was arrested for DUI in SEP-2008 and later convicted in Jan-2009 for DUI misdemeanor. Went to India in July-2010 for H1 stamping in Delhi and I was asked to submit court papers and go through the medical tests. Got visa stamp in Four weeks time after submitting all the required documents and medical tests.

Now, I have another trip coming up in couple of weeks and I need to get the stamp again(last time visa was issued only for a year based on petition validity). It has been more than three years since the DUI incident and I did submit all documents last time. Is it possible that I could be asked again to go through the medical tests and possibly get stuck for three-four weeks?

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you.

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Hi Aptedern.... Definitely there are chances to ask the same questions and tell them that you have all the clearance forms my courts and also inform that last time you have gone through all the tests.

Last month I attended for H1b extension stamping in Vancouver.... VO asked the same questions and I said i have all documents and clearance forms... then he read for 2 mins in his laptop and said my visa is approved.

Where are you planning to attend??? In India??

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I will be going to New Delhi consulate because last time I appeared there. I do have all the court documents but no medical records since they are sent directly to the consulate. Its the medical tests that take time and I just dont know if they ask me to go through it again.

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