H4 visa ineligible - H1 stamping successful at Chennai


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Hi Guys,

I wanted to give a sigh of relief for friends who are waiting for stamping.

Please proceed with Chennai consulate for your stamping, thats my experience and also a suggestion to friends who need to decide where to go for the interview.

My case:

1. I didn't get my visa papers when I went to India, so I had tried to go for H4 stamping in Hyderabad.

2. My six years of H1 was over and I am into my 7th year extension

3. The VO has indicated that I couldn't apply for H4 stamping even though my wife's 6 yrs of H1 isn't over and I am ineligible to apply for H4.

4. Prior to stamping, I consulted my company's attorney and also murthy.com attorney, but everyone indicated that I was eligible, however the consulate had a different view.

5. Waited for all my H1 paperwork and this time, I didn't want to wait and went to Chennai for stamping.

6. Luckily, my H1 was approved without any issues.

The VO was a lean middle aged lady with spectacles, I remember somebody else in the forum also indicated that she was good. I was feeling lucky. Also I saw everyone in my line was being granted the visa and I was very confident.

Even when answering all the questions, I was very confident, which I very much attributed to me getting the visa.

Here are the questions that I remember:

VO: Please give me your documents as well as the petition stack.

Me: I handed over my Passport along with DS-160, photo, H1(I-797), the initial stack that was arranged in the prior counter and also took my I-129 and other petition documents stack from my folder and handed over to the VO.

VO: Where are you working?

Me: XXXX at City, State - a so and so company....

VO: Who is your employer?


VO: What is your salary?

Me: xxx

VO: How long have you been working with this employer?

Me: zzzz years

VO: How many people from your company are working with your client?

Me: None as far as I know in my project and I indicated that they are based out of different city.

VO: Scrolling down some screens, she indicated that she will be back.

she went inside and it was almost 5 mins, my blood pressure was mounting a bit, but I tried to maintain calm and managed myself not to reveal any panic in my face.

VO: Did you work for your employer at xxxx city xxxx state

Me: I indicated that I didn't and also affirmed that I didn't know about the office at that location

VO: Confirmed that the office was existing at that location

Me: Okay

At this time I was a bit confident that there was nothing that revealed anything bad.

VO: What is your highest level of education?

Me: Masters

VO: How many years of experience do you have?

Me: xxxxx

She handed over the petition documents, my I-797 and retained my passport, photo and also my DS-160 confirmation page. This clearly indicated that I got the visa approved.

However, there was a silence and I was waiting for her confirmation.

VO: scrolling through some other screens asked - Did you appear for H4 earlier in Nov?

Me: Yes, I was told that I was ineligible for H4 so I had to wait for all my H1 papers and had to appear now

VO: Did you go back to US?

Me: No, I was working from home till now.

VO: Your visa is approved, you will received it by courier in a week.

Me: Thank you very much, you have a good day.

So friends, please be positive and maintain calm when talking to the VO, also make sure you are confident in whatever you are answering. Better prepare yourself ahead of the interview with the possible questions.

All the best to all of you


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I am in the same situation as you were and need your help.

I am on 8th year H1 and my extenstion petition got denied. (I have approved I140)

So I came back to India.

I am planning to go for stamping to chennai for H4 as my wife is on H1.

Why they said you were in eligible to apply for H4?

Because you completed 6 years on H1?

or because your H1 application was in process?

Did you had I 140 approved at that time of interview?

I would appreciate if you reply as I am thinking whether to go for H4 interview or not

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