H1B Extension approved today in Vancouver (Feb 24)


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I got my H1 extension approved along with my spouse applied for H1 extension as well, and my son for H4. It was a family appointment in Vancouver today on Feb 24.

Except for 2 hrs wait outside in cold, everything else went smooth and quick. Pls do not carry any electronic items, and bagpacks. This was our H1 extension, and we both got our basic Engineering degrees from India.

Questions asked -

How are you, and Weather etc?

Where do you work ?

What are your basic qualifications?

How long you have been working with you employer, and client?

Who paid your petition fees?

Did you apply for any permanent residency?

requested to show I-129, and LCA

Then after filling up some info on computer, requested to show last years W2 form

Waited for few mins, while she was filling up information on computer, and then she said visa is approved, and can collect from DHL in 3-5 days.

It was on counter3, seems to be a soft spoken lady, just noting down the information, no cross questions asked. No client letters etc.

Good Luck!!

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