Question on new H4 Visa (when L1B Extn is denied)


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I came to the US on an L1B (Blanket) visa, which expired on Oct 14th, 2011. My I-94 expired on the same day as well.

My company applied for an extension of the same visa on Oct 13th, 2011. I got an RFE on this, and the response was filed on Jan 27th, 2012.

On Feb 23rd, 2012, this extension got denied.

My company's Visa department informed me that I have 3 weeks (from the day of denial) to wind up and go back to India.

My wife is working here for another company on H1. I want to know if I can apply H4 staying here, or will I definitely have to leave the country (immediately) to get an H4.

Please respond at the earliest, as this is very urgent! I do not have much time, and have to make a decision.

Thanks a lot for the help.

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