After 221g, Consulate has asked for my passport; Been one week but no response Yet??

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Dear Murthy Members and Attorneys,

I had received a 221G-Green during my H1-B Visa Stamping. After one month I submitted all the documents except the Federal Tax Returns of my employer.

This is a direct position and since my employer is a big company, they wrote a letter to consulate stating they cannot share their federal tax returns as a policy, but they gave a notarized letter stating what their earnings for the year were, how many employees are there and etc etc.

After submitting this, in two weeks time I got an email from VFS stating submission of my passport.

I have submitted it and it has been one week but still have not received a response.

Do you know how long will it take for getting a response, and what are the chances that my visa got approved?

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I work for client there is a EC (employer client relationship).

Yesterday, embassy called me 5-6 and I was not at home :-(

Then they called client and they were not able to talk to the respective person.

I emailed VFS to ask embassy to call me again but they didn't call me today :-(

what to do now??? Really tensed.

Don't know why they were calling.

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