re-enter in USA while H1B Visa is under review?...


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I am in canada waiting for H1B Visa.H1B visa was refused under 221-G on 17th oct in US Consualte Toronto.I didnt get any reply from US Consulate Toronto yet.It's still under review.

I was on F1 Visa and change to H1.After graduation I had OPT Which was end on 17th Nov 2011.But have valid F1 visa till July 2012.

Question are these:

Can i get admission in college in USA and enter in US while H1B Visa application is in under review in US Consulate toronto?

Do I have to withdraw H1B visa application before enter as student on F1 visa?

Can i enter in June while F1 visa expired on july 2012?

What will be the best advice for me in this time?

Please advice me.

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