Successful Stamping @ Vancouver on Feb 22nd


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Hello Everyone,

First, I would like to thank Murthy for this forum and every one for sharing their experiences. I have been following this forum for more than a Month and it was of great help.

This is how the interview went. I was called to counter 5 and handed over the DS-160 and passport.

ME : Hello officer, How are you?

VO : I am fine. How are you?

ME : I am fine, thanks.

VO : So, You are on US on H1 visa?

ME : Yes.

VO : Is this your first Visa?

ME : No (I got Visa stamping done twice before).

VO : Where did you get your previous visas?

ME : I told him where I got the visas stamped.

VO : With the same employer?

ME : Yes.

VO : You work for XXX and they are based out of YYY right?

ME : That is correct.

VO : Do you work at XXX or at client?

ME : I told him I work at client location ZZZ.

VO : Did you come here before? I remember discussing about ZZZ.

ME : No, I did not come here before.

VO : What do you do for ZZZ?

ME : I explained him what I do.

Then the officer was doing something on his computer (I guess he was searching for client and my employer). After couple minutes...

VO : Your visa is approved. You can pick it up from Loomis office in 3-5 business days.

ME : Thanks officer.

VO : You bet.

ME : Have a good day!

VO : You too.

It was fairly easy except for couple hours wait in the cold. I was not asked for any other document during the interview. Waiting for the passport now...

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