Client wants to hire but GC with current employer. Need advice


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Brief details about my situation

I'm in my 5th year of H1B and few months back my employer started GC under EB2 in Dec 11 (Masters + 5yrs exp), labor is not yet approved.

My client wants to hire me, but as per company policy they cannot sponsor GC. This job offer can be good turn for my career. keeping this in view, I discussed with my employer(say Emp A), they are okay to maintain my GC application provided working for them for one year once I get the GC. I am fine with this.

My doubt is if I proceed with H1B transfer with client and having GC with Emp A, how I am going to do H1B extension? can client able to use my PD (assuming i-140 is approved at that time) for extension?

Can anyone suggest me please!

Thanks in advance for your time.

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