Client Letter NOT REQUIRED (for all EMPLOYERS)@ Canada


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THis is some really eye opening information:

NOT EVERY PERSON in CANADA (Vanc or Ottawa) is being asked to show CLIENT LETTER.

Example: a person called his employer and his employer said: they don't ask our employees for Client Letter, so dont worry and go.

Can you guys please verify/share your details about this:

Is there anyone here who WAS NOT ASKED FOR A CLIENT LETTER at Ottawa or Vanc?

I am reading that some people are saying that "It is the 1st thing they are asking for these days from everyone"--->>> HOW TRUE is this statement.

Please advise.

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JoeF: always admire and respect your ideas, as they are thoughtful, bright and correct most of the times.

However in this particular situation, the Senior Director @ my employer has clearly told me to simply say:

"Per the clien't policy, they do not provide any confirmation letters to their contractors. Here is my confirmation letter from my employer"

The reason: they are so sure and confident about these things is : saying that other people from our company have already gone there, we are on NASDAQ (Publicly traded firm), nothing shady, clean business and Embassy people know our company well, so there's no reason for you to free

So based on this reasoning, i am hoping that situation should work out fine.

I agree with everyone's general view of carrying a client letter though but in my case, i have to live without one.

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