"Adjustment of Status" or "Consular Processing"?


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This might be a dumb question, but can anybody tell me which option to opt for "Adjustment of Status" or "Consular Processing" for I-140. Here is my status:

1. I am on 5th year of H1B (4 months into 5th year)

2. Full time employee.

3. EB3

4. Statis: California

I read the document which my company attorney provided about AOS and CP but would like to listen some real-time experiences.



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We have an article on this topic on MurthyDotCom. Most people opt for AOS. One thing to note is that IF one selects AOS and then needs to change to CP, it is usually a far more involved process than changing to AOS if a person selects CP on the I-140.

It is possible in either case to change one's mind. But, for CP, if there is a change of mind, it is best to start the process to change over to CP well before the PD is current.

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so this means, if i want to go back to india after few years for good/few years (which i am planning) still CP can continue, right? (whereas AOS not).

yes that is my understanding. Also, one other thing to consider if are married and your spouse wants to work EAD (got after filing for 485) will be helpful.

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