I140 and I485 listed Priority date diferent


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Hi Gurus,

My first perm applied in 2008 and the current one in 2011, both in Eb2. My current I140 date mentions PD as feb,08 while my I485 mentions PD as Apl,2011. My current I140 was approved after my I495 was received by USCIS.

Now, Since I485 date is different than the I140, is there a seperate process to port the I140 PD date to the I485? I heard it might take 4-5 months if we dont call USCIS and resend them the I140 approval notice ourselves. I personally wont mind waiting a couple of months extra to happen that porting by itself but if it a 5 months process i would think why not if it is regularly practised. I would highly appreciate your take on this. Thanks.

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