L2 Visa -EAD In Process - Need to Travel to India


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I came to USA on Dec 17th 2011 on L2 Visa which will expire on June 2013 , and applied for my EAD on Dec 26th 2011 through USICS online .

I sent the supporting documents on Dec 29th 2011 through UPS. Then I received ASC on Dec 29th itself of Jan 18th 2012.

I have done my bio-metrics on Jan 18th 2012 and waiting for my EAD.

The Question is:

1. Can I travel to India mean time before my EAD comes ... I am planning to visit india on march 14th 2012 and want to return on April 16th 2012?

2. Does my I 94 changes if I visit India ?

3. Do I need to re-apply for New EAD if I visit india before I get my EAD ?

Please reply ASAP.

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I was in same situation. I travelled to India after applying for 485, 131 and 765 . But I returned before my FP appointment.

My attorney told as long as we have valid visa (stamping) to return we can travel overseas on the VISA we have. Ofcourse they will give new I-94. But if VIsa is expired and we need to get stamping overseas, we need to have AP to return.

Pls check with your attorney as your case is little different than mine.

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