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hello all, I have a question regarding work experience letter when applying for I140. My PERM has been approved recently and applied for I140. The position requirement is 1 year of experience with Masters degree. I worked in India longtime ago for 1 year after my engineering. after that i moved to US and completed my masters degree and i am working on H1 for my companny for the last 5 years. I did not changed my employer on H1b in the last 5 years . Since i am working for the same company my current experience ( 5 years in USA) is not considered for the PERM.

I got experience letter( for 1 year ) from the Indian comapny after i quit that position and i used the same letter when applying I140. This experience letter is very generic. ( position title and start date and end date and my work was good ) it did not included any job responsibilites on the letter. i did not even knew this letter will be useful in future at that time.

I was wondering if i get an RFE regarding work experience.

1) is it mandatory to put JOb responsibilities on the experience letter( from the Indian company letter). ?

2) I am not sure if that Indian company is still in business or not. what if it is shutdown ?

3) If my past company has been taken over by another company ?

Please advise what i should do if get an RFE for the past work experience.

Thanking you in advance.


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